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YEP is excited to bring you the true story of author D.A. Goodwin: 

The Offender I Once Defended 

by D.A. Goodwin

Book Info:

​Title: The Offender I Once Defended
Author: D.A. Goodwin
Pages: 164
Size: 5.83 x 8.26
Format: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior: Black & White

​Back of the book description:

If you have ever been all alone but still felt like you were on center stage in front of a packed, whispering audience, then someone has probably been watching you. 

In 2014, Dawn Goodwin realized she was the target of an unknown harasser who knew all of her whereabouts as well as all of her actions. But what the harasser did not know was that Dawn had grown up in the most dangerous city in South Carolina where, if she had been taught nothing else, she had been taught to pray, stand, and fight for herself.

The Offender I Once Defended is Dawn's memoir, published under her pen name, D.A. Goodwin. It reveals the intriguing true story about the unfathomable incidents she experienced while attempting to uncover and then stop a faceless pervert who got a good kick out of making her squirm. 

But this page-turner does not stop there. It also personally invites you to answer the question: Which is really worse, being harassed or not knowing who is harassing you?